Physics tutorial cocos2dx-js 3.x

Posted in General by adamson vispo Thu Aug 06 2015 00:38:42 GMT+0000 (UTC)·4·Viewed 1,012 times

Hi sir! :) can you make a tutorial about physics(chipmunk,box2d) in cocos2dx-js.. cuz sadly the cocos2d has less support at js, even though it has the most build platform, most of them are building in c++ or objective c, there are few tutorials in js but most of them are depreciated already.. I am hoping you could make a simple tutorial in this.. it makes me want to give up cocos2d :( cuz really i think js is the best for cocos2d but there are only few people who used it.. Thanks in advance God bless :)
Frahaan Hussain
Aug 6, 2015

We will be very soon :D

Frahaan Hussain marked this as solved
Elias Fares
Nov 17, 2015

I use cocos2d for a js project/game and I would love for a JS physics tutorial for cocos2d-x :)

Frahaan Hussain
Nov 17, 2015

We are looking into it.

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